PANGEA Holding and Trust LLC
International Financial ConsultingInternational Development Projects International Legal Advice

Company specialized in international tax, financial, administrative and legal consultancy and in development projects

We make security and confidentiality our fundamental principle So for any information contact us directly by presenting yourself to the email: admin@pangeatrust.usor or using this form

What can we do for our customers?

International Tax Consultancy

Establishment of companies in over 50 different states

International Financial Consulting

Bonds, requests for credit lines, securitisations, bank guarantees and letters of credit, current accounts and secure portfolios

International Legal Advice

Both directly and through specific affiliated law firms Corporate, Commercial, Maritime, Financial, Fiscal / Tax law, Islamic commercial and financial law - Sharia Compliance

International banking assistance

Opening current accounts in various international markets, even off-shore if necessary

Our international development projects


Project Agro-Progress Portugal

Project Agro-Progress International

To contact the various offices:

Spain, Portugal, France

Italy, Suisse, Austria, Germany


Malì, Ivory Coast, Madagascar

Tunisia, Morocco


USA and Canada

Brasil, Argentina, Mexico

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